21 april 753 bC , Ab Urbe Condita - Birth of Rome SPQR

On 21st April of 753 before Christ was the Ab Urbe Condita. The birth of Rome and from that day on was count the basis of counting the years . Even if does not Exist as a state the Roman Republic (SPQR) and as Empire, but the bace of today's civilization is started from then until today. The Roman empire as a small state of the brothers Romilus and Remus with all the expancions and divides holded for 2206 years !!! ( 21st April 753 before Christ - untill 29 may 1453 After Christ). Also note and the New Rome, the Town of The Magnus Constantine (today Istabul) was builded on 7 hills as Rome on 21st April 323 After Christ. The people of Byzantium never new themselves as Byzantines . Jeronimus Wolf on 17th century gave that name to divide the pagan Roman Hystory from the Christian Roman Hystory. The name was taken from Byzantium, a small colony of Ancient Megara were was located there. So in Deed the ROMAN EMPIRE was hold from the start of Old Rome (753) to the fall of the final new Rome (1453) and the ancient world died and started the Rebirth of a new world. Today The European union was inspired and issued in Rome 1953 as Common market. The Real rebirth of Roman Empire somehow. The new Roman Empire needs a lot of time to get strength and be strong. This Financial crisis is the greatest challenge. Ave Roman Empire. This new Roman Empire is not yet empire as long as remains as a mosaic of 27 states as members. Needs unity and one Augustus (as president) and 2 Ceasars as assistants of Augustus ( vise presidents)- One Ceasar for the East part and one for the West. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


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