The «god» ... Fear!

Today's society «investing» Fear God! The windows on television ads flirt around in fear. Crime, economic disaster, environmental destruction, corrupt politicians and judges, earthquakes, burglaries, the mafia’s guard boys, terrorism, floods, fires , especially this summer, the irresponsibility of the state... many others!
Follow the system reminds us how unsafe we are. Since the same society we produce and our «sell» fear is coming to carry us below; at home, at work, especially at work. One of the biggest fears of people is the fear of failure. This fear is the path that leads to defeatism and destruction. While the failure is a reality, fear is not only a state of mind. The science and life have proved that
People evolve and become what we repeatedly think. Then why not think about it later success? The answer has to do with two things: What kind of stimuli we are exposed and that we ourselves plan and direct ourselves.
We live in a world of negative programming that sets us up on negative stimuli. This program creates fear. A fear is the terrorist that creates the working and social environment in a battle scene. In the middle of the conflict and insecurity, is our effort to survive and progress. While we fear that the failure, failure comes because we provoked it. Each of us can fail. Failure is something subjective and measurable. The issue is that the greatest failure is that happens in our minds.
If you change the word « I failed» the words «what I learned and I will not repeat ...» you will see for yourself how it falls so far consider a failure. The external fears lead to internal fears. Our response to domestic fears affects the final result. In other words, not much has importance that is us, but what we do with what happens to us.
Basically, the failure is implemented only when the man decides to give up or abandon the effort. We choose which path we will follow, which means that we choose our results. I know people who after an active working life, just got to retirement, fell into depression and died a short time. I have experienced and others who defeated cancer or other serious diseases with great high spirit did MIRACLES and professionally and financially.
The Bill Gates said «There is no failure. There is only information ». With this statement in mind, let us look at simple strategies that help them survive and manage, instead of lifting your hands up and abandon the effort:
To learn to face failure as an event that contains elements that give information necessary to make the necessary changes in life, behaviour and our actions.
Always keep looking for potential opportunities that emerge from each setback and inconvenience.
To look for the «lesson» (knowledge) that accompanies each failure. «What I learned through this experience; »
To get out of our lives negative, curmudgeon and afraid of people. Let us build on the companies and our association with people who think creatively, kind, positive and above all, have a calm and peaceful mind.
To find new sources of information and the same time starting to change thinking.
After all, life is too short to withdraw and give up easily!

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